Semi Pro Store Design Space

web design & web shop

by Green Miyagi of

Dallas, Texas

Website Process

“The important thing to realize now is that your brand is an idea, a vision, and a concept describing what you desire in the world. Your website is both the metaphysical representation of your brand and the tangible aspect of it as well, and it is how you are defined in cyber-space. Quite literally, your website is your brand transformed onto the world-wide-web. Your website is one very substantial way others perceive your brand, and perception is reality. We take the website creation process as seriously as you do.” – Semi Pro Store by Green Miyagi Web Design & Web Shop of Dallas, Texas

How is my Semi Pro Store website built?

(What you can expect, and who is to be held accountable for your site.)

WE = Semi Pro

YOU = Client

US = Both

Phase One: Information & Concept
  • You -Identify the purpose
  • Us -Set goals
  • You -Define target audience
    • 1-4 days per page
Phase Two: Planning
  • We -Sitemap developed
  • We -Wireframe created
  • You -Content outline created
    • 3-7 days per page
Phase Three: Structural Build
  • We -Built layout
  • You -Visual content creation
  • Us -Client review & agreement
    • 3-10 days per page
Phase Four: Assembly
  • You -Content writing
  • We– Calls to action
  • Us -Client review & agreement
    • 5-20 days per page
Phase Five: Functionality
  • We -Search engine optimization
  • We -Install plugins
  • We -Connectivity
    • 5-20 days per page
Phase Six: Launch
  • Us -Testing
  • You -Review
  • We -Publishing
    • 7-30 days per page
Phase Seven: Maintenance (optional)
  • Us -Opinions
  • We -Monitoring
  • Us -Updating
    • Ongoing activity

*Total Time = 24-91 Days to site complete in typical situations